Why should Estate Agents bother about website SEO?

Do you really want your potential customers (tenants, buyers and landlords) to find your business before they find any of your high street neighbour Estate Agents?

Do you really want to boost your business by having more potential clients and ensure people visit your business website first? If so, then for you to stay ahead in the game, it is worth doing your SEO homework for your Estate Agency website!

In short, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is a process that optimises and enhances your Estate Agency website by applying certain measures and parameters to it that improve its ranking (get you in the top search results) in Search Engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. SEO increases your website visibility on the internet and thus boosts traffic to it which means more potential customers! Non-optimised websites simply fall far behind in internet searches and miss out on potential clients.

So, how can you ensure that you do not fall behind on the internet, and achieve your goal of making your website feature amongst top search results in Google for getting more clients for your Estate Agency business?

Here are 5 main reasons why an Estate Agent should go for website SEO:

1. SEO gives you an edge over your competitors

In the era of booming property demand, there are countless people looking out for houses to rent and buy, and landlords are looking out for a trustworthy and reliable estate agent – there are innumerable property websites already out there, so how can you make sure that they come to you before any of your competitors? A good answer would be – with the help of SEO.

In a tough competition, SEO enhances your website and gives you an advantage over other Estate Agencies by making it found easily and conveniently in search engine results such as Google, ahead of others, and this helps you stay on top of other business rivals. A website is optimised based on SEO standards, procedures and guidelines by putting certain technical measures and parameters to it that significantly boosts its ranking and visibility over the internet so that it can be found effortlessly in top search results.

For example, if people search in Google for ‘estate agents in Camden’ then based on the results returned it is most likely that they will visit the credible websites of those estate agencies that are featured on top of the list and on first few pages – people will simply find what they are looking for effortlessly so there is no need to search far ahead on the pages further down the line. If your agency is not visible in the top search results and on first few pages then it is likely that you lose out on customers who have already found other estate agents before you!

2. SEO is an important part of your business marketing strategy and investment in it is worth it

In today’s time a good website is an important ingredient in your marketing recipe. A good technologically superior and secure website that fulfils the internet standards is a good start. If you have already taken the step to invest in having a professional website for your business then it is also worth that you make an effort to make sure that it is found easily and conveniently on the internet, after all the prime motive of a business to have a website in order to be more visible to as many customers as possible – tenants, buyers and landlords. An investment in SEO can ensure that your website climbs the top rankings in search engines.

3. SEO is a powerful measure that can boost your business in a tough competition

An optimised website can be found easily and conveniently in top search engine results. An ever-increasing usage of modern smart phones and tablets, customers are looking for a convenient and easy way to find things with so much variety and information on your fingertips. So, if you want to be found quickly and easily on top of others in a tough competition then it is imperative that you are found by clients before they find other providers. Time is of the essence and customers will hardly get to your website and find you if it is sitting far behind on Google search results.

4. SEO earns trustworthiness and reliability for your business brand

An important step towards your business is showcasing a reliable and reputable Estate Agency business brand so that people can trust you and do business with you. In this information age customers trust businesses who are visible and noticeable with a positive image on the internet. It is difficult to trust a website if they have no credibility on a search engine such as Google. SEO improves your trustworthiness and reliability and increases your visibility, it increases the confidence in customers to do business with you.

5. Google loves an SEO Optimised website

Google loves a website that has followed its guidelines and standards for a good SEO, and you will be a favourite candidate as long you follow the best practice. An Estate Agents website can feature in the top search results by applying certain technical procedures based on the SEO recommendations set out by Google. So, if you want to be featured amongst the top in the list you need a good SEO for your website. Non-optimised websites simply fall behind in Google and lose visibility and thus losing customers.

In simple words, SEO is a dynamic process and with the help of certain tools and steps applied, your Estate Agency website can climb to the top of the search ladder and can have an edge over your competitors within no time.

So, you can leave the SEO technical jargon up to us, since we specialise in estate agency website design and SEO, and have helped our numerous customers achieve their aim of making their website found in top search results – you can also accomplish this goal. Don’t feel left behind, get in touch with us now!

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