Google to mark all websites without HTTPS encryption as ‘Not Secure’

From July 2018, Google Chrome browser will be flagging all websites without an HTTPS encryption as ‘Not secure’!

For past few years Google has been strongly advocating HTTPS encryption for websites for a more secure web. Google had gradually started marking non-HTTPs websites as ‘Not secure’, and it will flag all websites as ‘Not secure’ from July 2018 with the release of Google Chrome 68. Any website without an SSL Certificate will display a prominent red insecure warning in the URL. This can be damaging for the reputation, trustworthiness and reliability of your business since it will alarm the website visitors and discourage them from engaging in any further activity on your website.

How to identify a ‘Secure’ and a ‘Not Secure’ website?

The installation of an SSL Certificate applies an HTTPS encryption on a website and thus, the current Google Chrome 67 browser showcases a recognised ‘padlock symbol’ in green and includes the HTTPS:// prefix for URLs along with the word ‘Secure’.


Currently, any website without an SSL encryption displays the regular HTTP:// or just the letter ‘i’ which upon clicking shows the message ‘Your connection to this site is not secure’. However, with the release of Chrome 68 in July 2018, every website without an SSL encryption will display a prominent ‘Not Secure’ warning in red in the browser URL as a caution to visitors.

How can I avoid my website being flagged as ‘Not Secure’?

An SSL encryption is the first step towards earning trustworthiness and reliability for your business website. Having an SSL certificate is vital for your website and it will prevent Google to display any alarming ‘Non Secure’ red sign. HTTPS provides your website with critical security, data integrity and makes it safe from any malicious activity.

In the internet age, the online identity of your business showcased as a reliable and trustworthy brand is of prime importance and it increases the confidence in customers to do business with you. Customers trust websites that are visibly safe, secure and genuine with a positive image on the web.

Apart from avoiding the imminent Google insecure warning, HTTPS for your website is not only important for security of the website and integrity of the data but is also vital for GDPR compliance as well as the SEO ranking factor.

If you decide to make your website secure by switching to HTTPS, QuantaTec can provide you with a trusted solution and handle the process for you!

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